Illinois Personal Injury Law

Finding a supportive personal injury lawyer in Southern Illinois

Have you or a member of your family been injured as a result of recklessness or neglect by an individual or a business? Are you unsure about what to do now, whether or not you need a lawyer, or even if you have a case?

At the Womick Law Firm CHTD, personal injury lawyers in Carbondale, IL we know that these injuries are often traumatic events. And the struggle to get your life back to normal afterwards can be very stressful, both physically and emotionally. You need and deserve a dedicated legal partner who understands how you feel and is committed to getting you justice and fair compensation for your personal injury.

Determining if you have a personal injury claim

There are many types of personal injury cases that may be actionable—meaning that you may be able to recover money damages from the person or organization at fault.  In Illinois, you must prove that the person who caused the injury was negligent—careless or neglectful—to collect on a personal injury claim.  For example, a store owner who realizes something slippery has spilled on the floor but fails to clean up the mess within a reasonable time is considered negligent. So are employers who fail to protect you from sexual harassment by your manager at their workplace.

We handle all types of physical and psychological injury cases including:

  • Animal bites
  • Construction site injuries
  • Infliction of emotional distress
  • Libel
  • Nuisance
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Product liability
  • Professional malpractice
  • Property damage
  • Sexual harassment
  • Slander
  • Slip and fall
  • Toxic exposure
  • Trespass
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Wrongful birth
  • Wrongful death

To find out if you have an actionable personal injury claim, call 618-529-2440 or contact the Womick Law Firm online.  Your initial consultation is free and without obligation.

What is your claim worth?

Led by John Womick, who has been providing legal help for the injured in Southern Illinois for almost 40 years, the team of personal injury lawyers at our firm bring to your case detailed knowledge of Illinois personal injury law and advocacy skills developed over many years of concentrated experience.  We recover fair compensation for physical, psychological, and financial damages resulting from your injuries, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Damaged property
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • Help with chores you can no longer handle

When necessary, we take your legal action to trial.  We do not seek payment for our services unless you receive a settlement or are awarded a favorable verdict.

Do not delay.  In Illinois, you have only two years to file a personal injury claim, even in the most catastrophic cases.  At the Womick Law Firm CHTD, we are committed to providing you with the most viable and practical legal representation possible to the injured in Jackson, Johnson, Union, and Williamson counties and nearby Missouri.  Call us today at 1-800-598-2440 or contact the Womick Law Firm online for an immediate evaluation of your case.