Vehicular Accidents

Powerful legal help for accident victims in Southern Illinois

Vehicular crashes are probably the most frequent cause of personal injury and accidental death in Illinois.  From minor to devastating, these accidents cause medical and legal difficulties for everyone involved—drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.   Especially when you are seriously injured, you face immediate problems that can sometimes feel overwhelming. In these circumstances, it is important to engage the Womick Law Firm in Carbondale, Illinois as soon as possible.

The first order of business for your law firm in these cases is to investigate exactly what caused the accident, everything that happened, and who was at fault.

Automobile accidents

Many different conditions can play a part in automobile accidents:

  • Unsafe road
  • Mechanical failure
  • Driver incompetence
  • Reckless driving
  • Excessive speed
  • Violation of traffic laws
  • Inattention to the road or road conditions
  • Defective vehicle
  • Cell phone use
  • Unlicensed driver
  • Drowsiness

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, the Womick Law Firm can help with your claim against the person who caused the accident and with your recovery of damages.  First, your representative must investigate thoroughly, because complete information is needed to prove that the driver of the other vehicle caused the accident

Trucking accidents

The weight and force of a truck, especially when moving at high speed, create tremendous impact in a collision with a smaller vehicle. Severe vehicle damage and serious personal injuries, even fatalities, are almost inevitable. These accidents often lead to high monetary judgments against trucking companies. So they generally act quickly to protect their interests and employ high-powered attorneys. When you are injured in an accident involving a truck, you need a lawyer who can stand up just as forcefully for your interests. Contact the Womick Law Firm online without delay.

The Womick Law Firm is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and appropriate compensation for the victims of serious and catastrophic personal injuries throughout Southern Illinois.  If you have been injured in a car or truck crash, all us today at 1-800-598-2440 or contact the Womick Law Firm online for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of the accident.  A lawyer will come to you if your injuries prevent your visiting the office.  When your case is accepted, you owe nothing out of pocket until compensation is recovered for you.